Porta-Bote’s service and support far exceed what I have come to expect from most companies I order from. The Porta-Bote team kept me fully informed every step of the way, from my many questions during ordering to follow up after delivery. My new Porta-Bote was well-packed and in beautiful condition. She will be the perfect tender for our sailboat and is proudly stored on her bow. What an ease to set up and stow. Many thanks to the Porta-Bote team!


I live in England and have an old 12′ P-B about 35+ years old! (tapered stern with an aluminum bolt-in transam). It has seen much use in its life, however on a local river today it worked perfectly over a five-mile round-trip and four of us had a wonderful time.
Just wanted you to know this as it may be one of only a few around!


Happy holidays and a prosperous new year to you, I’m so looking forward to another year of fun, from across the pond in Britian.

Mick Fowles

I currently own a porta bote and its great fun!

Cynthia Morris

I have 2.5 hp Suzuki. Been very good to me.
12 ft owner over 10 years.

Allen Wei

Here are some pics of Monkey…my little sailing buddy, and he has his own life jackets, several of them!.. and our little boat under sail at Lake Arthur, at Moraine State Park, just north of Pittsburgh, PA.  We had had a great time with it, and will soon be taking it back to the coast this summer and to the Chesapeake Bay too.  Have a good one, and thanks again.  BTW…when Monkey has one ear up and one ear down…that means there is going to be a change in the weather.  He hasn’t missed in going on 8 years!  I guess he becomes “Barometer Dog!”  Have a great day Cindy…. and thanks again.


I purchased a portabote about 8 years ago the 12 foot model.  It has lived up to my expectations in every way.  If I lived in a larger home that allowed trailers parked in the driveway, I would have gotten a larger boat.  I just followed the specifications when choosing my motor for the boat.  If I didn’t already have a 7.5 Evinrude, I would have purchased something from Portabote.  Knowing what I know right now, I trust them .  When they say something you can count on it.


We absolutely LOVE our port-bote, we’ve owned it for many years!!!

A Happy Customer

I too, have owned several P-Botes, actually, three 12-footers.    You can see my boat and additions to it under the “photos” section, “jeretired”.  I’ve never experienced a leak of any kind but purchased the new bote to take advantage of the 10-year warranty that the manufacturer applies (that’s hard to beat).  I’ve captured all the hints and advice from other “boters”

I’m in Olympia, WA and would be willing to show you the ins-and-outs of P-Bote-ing and give you an idea of how User-Friendly they are both in setup and take-down as well as motoring in a new outboard motor.

If you’ve monitored this website at all, you know that Port-A-Bote’s parent company is 100% behind its products and that’s a great thing in itself.  Any other concerns or questions, feel free to contact me.

Jerry “O”

I love this boat.  I have introduced fishing to several grandkids and have some several more who are about ready.  It’s stability, seating and interior space make it a craft that I have no problems taking a little one out in.

Every time I take it out, people pull up and ask me what it is and how it works.

This is a great product.

Bill Clayton