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Specifications & Colors



Length/LOA (See Below) 8ft 6″ (2.85m) 10ft 8” (3.27m)
12ft 6″ (3.85m)
14ft (4.28m)
Folded Width
(See Below)
24in. (59cm) 24in. (59cm)
24in. (59cm)
24in. (59cm)
Average Folded Thickness Front/Rear
(See Below)
3″(7.62cm)/7″(17.8cm) 3″(7.62cm)/7″(17.8cm)
Width (Beam)
When Open
56in. (1.42m) 60in. (1.52m)
60in. (1.52m)
60in. (1.52m)
Draft 4in. (11.4cm) 4in. (11.4cm)
4in. (11.4cm)
4in. (11.4cm)
Depth midship 22in (52cm) 24in. (56cm)
24in. (56cm)
24in. (56cm)
Hull weight
(less seats)
68 lbs. (30.9kg) 78 lbs. (35.5kg)
87 lbs. (39.5kg)
108 lbs. (49kg)
Capacity (person, motor and gear weight)

445 lbs. (202kg)

585 lbs. (266kg)
670 lbs. (305kg)
807 lbs. (367kg)
Number of seats 2 Seats 3 Seats 3 Seats 4 Seats
Number of persons 2  Persons 3 Persons 4 Persons 5 Persons

Maximum Gas Engine Weight

35 lbs. 

56bs. (25.5kg)

56 lbs. (25.5kg)

89 lbs. (37.7kg)

Shaft Length
(Short Shaft)

15″ (34.9cm)

15″ (34.9cm)

15″ (34.9cm)

15″ (34.9cm)

Electric Outboard Maximum Size

Any Size!

Any Size!

Any Size!

Any Size!

Electric Outboard
Shaft Length

30″- 42″
(76.2 – 92.4cm)

30″- 42″
(76.2- 92.4cm)

30″- 42″

30″- 36″



(See Available Colors Below This Picture Of Folded Hull


Folded Length 14ft. (4.28m)

Folded Length 12ft-6 in. (3.85m)

Folded Length 10ft-8 in. (3.27m)

Folded Length ..9ft-3 in. (2.82m)

Folded Width 24in. (59cm)- All Models

Average Folded Thickness 7in.  All Models



Porta-Bote gives you 3 choices.

#1–  Pacific Pearl Color (off white) as shown atop all these vehicles

Mini car?…Pop Up Camper?…Sedan?….SUV?…Pickup?

vwvan popup

truckrak suv saturn

Porta-Bote (Shown in Pacific Pearl) Fits All These Vehicles 

 The World’s Most Portable Folding Boat – Ends Trailering Forever!

  • Solid, foldable Porta-Boat – NEVER needs to be INFLATED…Naturally!
  • This portable boat costs about the same as your “unreliable, flimsy inflatable”

    #2 –  How About A GREEN (Olive Drab) Folding Portable Duck Boat?

foldaboat duckboat Port a boat. The hunting boat fits atop sports utility vehicle Porta-boat hunting boat in 'Olive Drab' used as a duck hunter duckblind boat. duckspd

This fast, portable boat for “Sportsmen” (and women!). Makes puncture prone inflatables obsolete!

WHY? Did you know that seventy percent of all new Porta-Bote owners are former inflatable owners

who have “had it” with the “hassle” of inflating and deflating?
And what about those frequent inflatable punctures? 
Not to worry with Porta-Bote’s virtually bullet-proof tough hull!


#3– Now Available. The Popular Color 

Porta-Bote’s Newest Color!  Looks Better Than Any Aluminum Boat.  And, without 
the annoying NOISE, heavy weight and LEAKS!